Harvard GSD Early Design Education Team

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) Early Design Education (EDE) programs are crafted to engage respective participants with design means and methods across scales with the assumption that the program is one of the earliest experiences of thinking through making encountered. Each program opens up the breadth and depth of design talent at Harvard’s GSD to the diverse global public. Please see more information about the GSD EDE team below. We invite you to direct any questions to [email protected].

An image of three Design Discovery program participants inside Gund Hall at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.  Two of the students are building models at their studio desks and one student is standing, presenting design work as he flips through a set of drawings that are pinned to a wall.

administrative team

Sr. Director, GSD EDE Programs

Lead Research Associate, GSD EDE Programs

Coordinator, GSD EDE Programs

Photo of Megan Panzano

Megan Panzano

Senior Director of Early Design EducationLecturer in ArchitectureView Profile

Headshot of Ian Miley

Ian Miley

Design Critic in ArchitectureView Profile

Kelly Wisnaskas Headshot

Kelly Teixeira Wisnaskas

Student Accommodations CoordinatorAssistant Director of Student Support and Services, Title IX Coordinator for StudentsView Profile

GSD EDE Pedagogy Projects Team

Elif Erez

GSD MArch I, 2021

MDes, Narratives 2022

Blake Mitchell

GSD MArch I AP, 2021

GSD 2021 Irving Fellow

Caleb Negash

GSD MArch I, 2022

Tosin Odugbemi

GSD MArch I, 2024

Allie Palmore

GSD MArch I, 2024

GSD EDE Advisory cabinet

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) Early Design Education (EDE) programs are informed by a diverse and talented Advisory Cabinet, comprised of GSD students, faculty and staff. The GSD EDE Advisory Cabinet provides guidance with respect to the program pedagogies, audiences, participants and the alignment of all with those of the GSD’s professional degree programs across design disciplines. These individuals are our design pedagogy thought partners as the GSD’s EDE programs evolve.

More information on this generous group of design thinkers is coming soon! >>>

An image of Gund Hall at Harvard's Graduate School of Design from the backyard garden.  The grass is green and the sky is blue while students sit outside in the open space.
An image of the inside of Gund Hall at Harvard's Graduate School of Design looking down the studio trays along an interior stairway.  A design student is walking along the floor level below.